Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Flipping Out over Flip Video Project

I decided it was time to put to use the 4 flip video cameras our school purchased last year. They have been sitting in out Technology Specialist's office. I ran across a neat idea this summer while exploring various websites. Students work in groups to create a Common Craft video explaining the reason for the seasons. What a great project I thought. So now I am knee deep in it, and feeling my way through the dark as I go. My students are so excited about the project...I am, well, not sure of the best way to go about this. I am learning just as much, and perhaps more than my students.

Here is where we are right now. The project has been introduced (I showed the YouTube video I saw this summer.) I divided the students into groups. I like working with groups of 3 - everyone seems to have a job and no one has excess time on their hands.

Together as a class we developed a rubric for the content and then a rubric for the video itself. I was so impressed at what they came up with. We are working on writing our scripts and making our props. Stay tuned for updates.

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